Privacy Policy / Site Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Establish operational guidelines for the protection of personal information and then put the appropriate management responsible management of personal information.

2. Define the purpose of use of personal information,to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose, to collect the proper manner.

3. When you provide personal information, we inform you that the purpose of what do use.

4. If you have the consent from the person if based on laws and regulations,except in the case of a legitimate reason, will not provide personal information to third parties.

5. In order to prevent falsification of personal information, disclosure, and unauthorized intrusion, and take reasonable safety measures and other information security measures.

6. If you want to outsource the processing of personal information, you signed a contract for the protection of personal information on the proper selection of subcontractors.

7. If there is the offer to check the contents of personal information and corrections from the person in question, we will respond quickly, appropriately within a reasonablerange.

8. Continue to review the necessary measures for the protection of personal information, will strive to improve them.

Site Policy


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